.in the meatime…a new blog

14 02 2011

Work on revamping my website has taken longer then planned so in the interim i created a blog that captures my daily visual encounters…

please “follow” me over there and as usual all comments are most welcome



.but wait there’s more!!!

30 12 2010

Here’s hoping that twenty11 will usher in the redesign for the site…fortuitous because an innocent trip to the apple store saw a replacement of my hard drive with most of my work on it..nothing says “do over” then that

seasons greeting ya’ll

.christmas day in London (and other things…)

25 12 2010

First of all apologies for the lack of updates…i had been waiting for the redesign of the site to happen (yes i’m looking at you Hyler!) And inbetween travelling, stolen lost luggage and back catalogue of pictures, i have been spending the last couple of months playing catch-up…so here goes.

Christmas day in London; the one day of the year when the transport system shuts down, the day before the sales and countdown to Valentines Day, when people are forced to walk, the streets are empty and people are behind brightly lit windows with the ones they want to be with…oh and the Queen’s speech!

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i prefer to walk the streets capturing the sights that are usually packed with people…surprisingly there were a great number of people outdoors so i didn’t feel as bad for choosing to spend it alone..of course that was till the bitter cold kicked in and forced me indoors…

here’s to another xmas notch on the belt.

.japan (the best of the rest)

3 11 2010

Sayonara … until we meet again…

.tsukiji fish market

29 10 2010

A must stop for any trip to Tokyo is the Tsukiji fish market.

I was advised to go early and even though i got there around 5am it was still too late to catch the famous tuna auctioning which was disapointing but i still got to juggle my remaining eight lives with the crazy turret trucks that seemed intent on killing anything moving that wasn’t fish!

Talking about fish, who knew there were so many.

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.the land of the rising sun

26 10 2010

For one reason or the other (jetlag, a lingering cold, final days of summer), i just have not been able to get to updating the blog but here i am…

Work took me to Japan, a country i have been to before and love and unlike my last trip i got the chance to capture.In the upcoming days i intend to post what i saw.

.日本 (japan)

3 10 2010

Twelve hours on a plane did nothing to dampen the excitement of being in Japan again, the city has a lifeforce thats hard to describe, the diochotomy of tradition and contemporary living cannot be experienced anywhere else.

In the days to come i hope to try to capture of this essence.